5 (11) | October, 2012

Table of contents


International congress Profitable pig production gathered the biggest audience of all unindifferent for pig production development for the fourth time

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Second regional veterinary seminar of DK Vet together with MSD Animal Health

Markets overview


Knowledge is a wealth that gives chance to everybody

Management . conomics

Shevscenko I.A., Lyashenko O.O. Modren aspects of manure utilization

Top-7 mistakes of pig producers

Kravchenko A.I., Hetya A.A. Pork market. Modern requirements to carcasses classification

The system of after slaughter check of pigs

Technologies Feeding

Nice to meet you. Ractopamine!

The balance is power: amino acids in feeds for pigs

Borutova R., Lokhov V. Protection from mycotoxins at weaning stage

Probiotics as a guarantee of piglets health

Y. Dvorska High performance of pigs without antibiotics and growth stimulators

Veterinary certificate

Differential diagnostics of the diseases of gastrointestinal tract of pigs after weaning and at fattening

Technologies Animal health

Basic concepts of effective disinfection

D.Padoan Urinary tract infections of sows

Time for an effective manager

The formation of cohesion in working group

Unexpected facts


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