1 (03) | March, 2011

Table of contents


Markets overview

Ukrainian pig market

Feeds market

World pig market

Top list of pig producers of Ukraine

The first general meeting of the Association of pig producers of Ukraine


Nadiya Kudlay: Definitely we know how to survive. But we have to learn how to live

Management . conomics

A fairy tale about brothers who were managers

How to stimulate the staff in agro industrial sector

Vitamins and minerals lets go back to the basis

Life productivity of your sows

Raising foreign investments challenges and possibilities


An ideal father: using Pietrain in pig production

Manure utilization: let the waste be your profit

Yuriy Momot: Biogas perspectives of Ukraine

Yorkshire breed of Canadian selection and its improvement at Mortadel Ltd

A million sows according to Canadian technologies

Leadership strategies

Pig production of Brazil under the microscope

Interesting and unexpected

Laughing at the farm


A parable about well

Milk and Farm magazine