Feeding technologies of sows in groups

20.02.2017 10:28:00

One of the technological solutions in pig breeding is the transfer of gestation sows to group housing. Despite the actualization of animal welfare issues, this technology is now common both in the US and Western Europe. How to arrange a corral for sows’ group keeping, what equipment is the most effective and what you need to pay attention to, not to reduce profitability — these and other questions were answered by Fritz Richardson, director of HOG SLAT International Sales (the largest producer of equipment for pig production in the US).

Plastic floor in the growing unit. How to choose and what to pay attention for

05.11.2013 14:47:34

Maksym Nemesh, the Ikadan Ukraine company representative

Piglets weaning is the hardest period for little animals, as they have no mum any more, and the habitual nutrition (milk) is changed into dry feed. Often in the newly formed groups happen conflicts, piglets are anxious and disturbed. It has a negative impact on animal production performance and their development. That’s why in weaning period it is important to reduce all possible stress factors. The main task for a herdsman is to create conditions for painless entering of piglets into the adulthood. First of all the attention should be paid to the livestock stall size, air temperature and microclimate. It is necessary to provide the free access to feeds and water and to keep cleanliness so that a herdsman disturbed piglets minimally. No less important is floor choice for the growing unit. Let’s focus on this.

Drinking bowls for adults

16.08.2012 13:38:57

Mariya Yarishko master MBA

Water is of essential importance for all organs of the animal as it is responsible for thermoregulation, absorption of nutrients, secretory function and the tissue growth. Note, water comprises 80% of newborn piglets’ body and 55% of a finishers’. The long absence of water may be fatal for animals. Even a slight dehydration can be a reason of worse feed intake, as well as its bad conversion, small daily gains, decrease of milk production in lactating sows and smaller weights of weaners. But the reasons of bad production date are looked for in feeds.

M.Yaroshko Drinking systems for piglets.

18.05.2012 15:19:31

Piglets require to be ensured free access to water. As for its quality there are relevant standards which should be followed carefully. Modern drinking systems give wide possibilities to purify water and to add some medicine and vitamins to it. But not every enterprise can afford buying a complex preparation system of water. Therefore most of agricultural companies confine themselves to purchasing of relevant drinkers.

Crematory is the best way of biological waste utilization.

07.03.2012 17:44:05

Iryna Muzychenko (Profitable Pig Production)

Natalya Shevchenko (manager of TORES-N)

Keeping the high sanitary standards is one of the necessary conditions of quality and ecological pork production. It prevents pigs from different diseases which lead to death and worsen the products quality.

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