M.Yaroshko Drinking systems for piglets.

18.05.2012 15:19:31

Piglets require to be ensured free access to water. As for its quality there are relevant standards which should be followed carefully. Modern drinking systems give wide possibilities to purify water and to add some medicine and vitamins to it. But not every enterprise can afford buying a complex preparation system of water. Therefore most of agricultural companies confine themselves to purchasing of relevant drinkers.

One has to note that the decision to use a particular equipment is highly important and it’s taken for perspective of a long. Pig producers get to engross in thought usually just before the reconstruction of existing facilities or before building of a new complex. Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of different types of drinkers enterprises often prefer nipple ones as compared to drinking-bowls.

Manufacturers offer many types of drinking equipment which may vary in thickness of thread, in diameter of the body and nipple, in place of attachment (in feeder or separately), in diameter of cup, in material etc.

Modern nipple drinkers are made of stainless steel or of a combination of steel, brass and bronze. Drinking-bowls are mostly made of stainless steel or cast iron. Manufacturers denote that nipple drinkers of stainless steel and bronze are up to 80% of all drinkers that are produced. They are cheaper and easier in using. While a deal of experts believe that drinking-bowls are more expensive, harder to be mounted and besides they are less hygienic as they keep stagnant water demanding daily care. However their advantage is that drinking from a «cup» would be more natural for animals. Moreover water is not wasted run-off in such drinkers: they use 10% less of water compared to the rest of types of drinkers as scientists brought it to life. That’s why some specialists recommend buying drinking-bowls not only for piglets but also for breeding pigs and fattening animals.

While choosing drinkers one has to consider what his animals were accustomed at his enterprise. But at any hand the main factors are a category and age of an animal. An important proof for choice of a drinker is a common characteristic of water conduit. A lot of pig farmers find that equipment for watering animals that is available on the market is practically the same regardless of manufacturer and country.

What are the advantages and drawbacks of «cup» drinkers?

What are the features of water supply for lactation piglets?

How to accustom pigs to a particular type of drinking equipment?

The best place for drinkers to be situated for piglets to leak?

Why does hygiene play the key part in ensuring pigs with water?

You may find answers to these and other questions in a full release of the article in the magazine of «Profitable pig production» of the 2d edition of this year.

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