5 Steps Controlling PRSS

Porsine reproductive respiratory syndrome is a relevant disease which causes significant economic losses throughout the world, including Ukraine. Though only a few know how to control it. Paul Henning Ratkjen, Danish expert in pigs health, told how a farm with PRSS may achieve high production indexes during the VIII International Congress «Profitable pig production».

Mateo del Pozo African swine fever: questions and answers

African swine fever (ASF) is no more an exotic disease from A-list of International Epizootic Bureau but the reality of Ukrainian pig farming. Despite the considerable amount of information about ASF, there are more questions than answers. Spanish expert, member of Animal Health Research Institute, doctor Mateo del Pozo helped to find them during the meeting with pig producers organized by Zoetis Ukraine.

Aujeszky's disease: stay alert!

Entering the herd, the Aujeszky’s disease virus continues to circulate in it until appropriate measures of eradication are taken. What is virus cunning, what are the specialties of modern means of its control and why Ukrainian pigmen should stay alert — details are in the article.

Porcine epidemic diarrhea — a new danger for our pigbreeding

Victor Evert, doctor of veterinary medicine, coordinator of Consultation center of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Oleksiy Sheptuha, doctor of veterinary medicine, pigbreeding consultant

Gastric ulcers — big loses

Pia Conradsen, doctor of veterinary medicine, co-owner of the company SvineVet (Denmark)

It’s difficult to avoid ulcer disease under conditions of intensive pork production. As a result pigs grow more slowly and the farm, consequaently, loses profits. However, from the economical point of view, the most critical problem is deaths of 2–3% of affected animals. That’s why it’s on behalf of pork producers to identify the problem and also to know how to cure it. There is some advice in the article that will help them.

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