1 (43) | February, 2018

Table of contents

Current events

State subsupport of animal producers

Industry events

Agro animal show 2018: meeting with partners

ASF: the common problem is the general opposition

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Western Ukraine trained to counteract ASF

The meeting of the Association of Pig Produsers of Ukraine: the results of the year and the problems of the industry

Markets overview

Foreign trade of pig products: the results of 2017

More about the pork market

Winter results of the feed market


Chebeni Plus, LLC: Our achievement is our team!

For an owner

Pig production in Ukraine: section of the branch at the beginning of the year

Correspondence of domestic animal desease control to world practices

Risk Analysis of the Law On Environmental Impact Assessment

For a manager

Best practices for the storage and processing of pig manure

Basic requirements for market operators for the well-being of pigs

For a technologist

Diet for weanling pig: alternatives to zinc oxide

Christina Y. Serensen, Jens N. Jorgensen, Improvement of the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract due to microbial cultures

How to preserve manure and improve its efficiency?

Efimov V., Masyuk D., Zagrebelna K. Feed compound adsorbing: evaluation of the application efficiency and economic results in pig breeding

For a veterinary

ELISA or PCR: the advantages and differences of diagnostic methods


Rasmussen K. "Remote" system of production management

Unexpected facts


Who is stronger?

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