5 (41) | October, 2017

Table of contents

Current events

Farmers' tax invoices will no longer be blocked

Zootechnology, LLC is a part of the APPU

Expansion of ASF continues

Instructions for combating ASF: approval of a new edition

How much does the pig's biosecurity cost? Results of the APPU survey

Industry events

Knowledge Day for pig produsers: School of pig production from the Club of successful pig produsers Boehringer Ingelheim

Battle of Agrotitans 2017: record scales

V International Pig Farm Day - 2017: first anniversary

Markets overview

From local to global

Autumn forecasts of the price situation on the market of oil and grain crops


Ambitious and open, or what should be learned from APPUs enterprises?

For an owner

About state support of agricultural producers in 2018 year

New environmental rules for doing business: how to get permission for reconstruction / construction and what to do with by-products on the farm?

For a manager

Not genetic factors affecting the reproductive durability of the sow

Povod M., Kravchenko O., Goetha A. Influence of different ways of castration on slaughter and meat quality of pig carcasses

For a technologist

Undervalued threats of mycotoxins

How many times do we breading the sow to achieve better performance?

Heseker A. Feeding sows at the end of fertility-the beginning of lactation

Noonan M., Lohov V. Use of phytogenic products in feeding pigs: expert opinion

Deco M. Long-term benefits of maintaining the survival of piglets

Feeding pregnant sow: emphasis on productivity

Romanov O., Romanova A., Efimov V., Zagrebelna K. Efficiency of active substances in sorbents mycotoxins

For a veterinary

Skin damage in pigs: causes and consequences


Rasmussen K. Stein fans of the new generation

For a gourmand

Pork VS chicken: who, whom?

Unexpected facts


Have a strong sense of self-worth

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