3 (45) | June, 2018

Table of contents

Industry events

AGRO-2018: informative and major

Agri Invest Forum 2018: hot-button topics for consideration

10th anniversary of international congress Profitable pig production

Leaders of industry according to the results of decade

Test the best or food function most tasty meat and sausage products

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Germany and Netherlands: self-regulation in the European way

APPU welcomed the new member of team

On the look-out for safety native pig farms

Revnivtsev O. Simple Truthfully Professionally

Markets overview

Index-hand for native pig production

Figures and facts about corn market


OAO Ahropromyslova kompaniya: final cause production without stress for pigs, workers and managers!

For an owner

In benchmarking, there are not those who lose

Romanov O. Flagship asset of pig farm is collective

For a manager

Vasilevich O. Is more than 95% of breeding affeciency stable? Really!

Gumen V. Danish access to optimization of pigs ration: general recommendation

Complex disinfection on farm

For a technologist

Jorgensen E. Probiotics in ration: feed sows during lactation

Bilous A. Hybrid rye: effects on productivity of sows

Healthy bowel healthy piglet!

For a veterinary

Pork production without antibiotics and growth additives: what alternative?

Evert V. Swine influenza: mutations of the virus - the challenge of the present

Rashka P. Rotavirus enteritis of pigs

Efficacy of Flexcombo compared to other combinations of vaccine for PCV-2 and mycoplasma


Huzhinski D. Drop cooling system for sows in the sow farm

Pedersen P. Making optimally microclimate for high-producing pigs in Ukraine

Mendeluk B. Recommendations for own feed production


Someone else's problem

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