ASF: what is the right way of pig farm disinfection?

The first step to preserve the pig production business from ASF is the complex disinfection of farm. It includes disinfection of:

  • Production units, stationary equipment;
  • Units in the presence of animals by aerosol spraying method (preventive measures);
  • Water supply systems and animal watering line;
  • All «incoming materials»;
  • Transport (for transportation of animals, feed, death loss etc.).

Proper biosecurity system, pathogens’ prevention (especially ASF) and following disinfection rules is the responsibility of every producer, who cares about his business.

Thus from the experience, there are some mistakes in households’ practice that are the most problematic:

  • Entrance to the farm territory and production units;
  • Organization of personnel disinfection;
  • Organization of transport disinfection;
  • Organization the disinfection of production units.

How to choose the disinfectant? What are the newest decontamination tools? How to avoid mistakes in disinfection? Answers to this questions are in the full variant of the article in new issue of magazine «Profitable pig production».

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