2 (20) | April, 2014

Table of contents

Industry events



News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

The Working Group of AUPP marches confidently towards the realization of target goals

AUPP takes part in constitutive meeting of the Working Group on meat and meat food import and export

Markets overview

Pork market

Situation and predictions of Ukrainian feed market

Hot topic

Is this a crisis?


Ivan Chaikivsky: In order to save and develop business, we must learn to economize

Roman Berezovsky: We should not calculate the number of weaners per year, but money that the enterprise earns

Legal advice

M. Sysoiev, V. Shestakov Land barriers in realization of investment projects in the agricultural sector

Management . conomics

J. Gadd New terminology helps to take the sound decision

. Loza KPI system and staff motivation

H. Shonbauer Liquid feeding: myths of the past and present realities

V. Evert Can the Ukrainian consulting service exist?

Feeds . Feeding

The optimal ratio of tryptophan and lysine in diets of gestating and lactating sows

P. G. Anover New outlooks and tendencies in swine reproduction field

M. Yaroshko Beet pulp in pig feeding

Y. V. Newmand Rye an essential diet ingredient of finishing pigs

Health status

APK Nastashka, Ltd: score twice before you cut once

African swine fever: it needs to realize the danger

Y. Dvorska Mycotoxins that are dangerous for pigs

D. Masiuk, V. Evert The diagnostic decision taking strategy


M. Ivanov, V. Voloshchuk, V. Ivanov Fine purification and utilization of manure drains


O. Baban, V. Garkavenko The breeding boar exploitation

J. Carr The real cost of artificial insemination

Leadership strategies

Pig breeding center, LLC: Nucleuses in Ukraine are the warrant of pig farming development

The competitor

Big Dutchman: Any serious enterprise wont talk to you, if you offer the equipment without servicing


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