4 (22) | August, 2014

Table of contents

Industry events


Research: Who will benefit from the Russian embargo?


The Pig Day on Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny: an event, rewarding the everyone's attention

Meeting B2B from KWSUkraine

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

European system of pig carcasses grading in Ukraine

Reorganization of breeding work

First regional veterinary seminar

Manure is no longer waste products!

APPU is three years old!

Will be the end to the veterinary vicissitudes?

Markets overview

Pig breeding in Ukraine: half-yearly results

Pork processing: results from the beginning of year

World pork market

Production and market of feeding concentrates

Food market prospects

Hot topic

M. Yaroshko What kind of pork is eaten in EU?

Does your household conform to the EU standards?


Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny: one step ahead

Management . conomics

V. Pylypets-Romaniuk Prolificacy or heavier litter: when the economy is better?

V. Evert Common mistakes: sow unit

G. Rombouts Choosing the genetics: impact factors

Feeds . Feeding

A. Heseker Secrets of effective pig feeding

K. Olihver What is the premix and what it is eaten with?

Principles of feed convertion ratio optimization

Health status

O. Beh Diagnostics of hemophilic polyserositis of pigs

S. Kukushkin Evaluation methods of effective pig vaccination against some respiratory deseases

P. Rashka Protect newborn piglets from rotaviral enteritis


O. Liashenko, S. Pavlenko Pig manure composting

Unexpected facts


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