№ 4 (70) | August, 2022

Table of contents

Markets overview

Pork market in half a year war


"Dubovy Gai" APC LLC: we have withstood, we are working, we will rebuild

Legal advice

Documentation of agricultural losses enterprises caused by aggression Russian Federation against Ukraine

For a manager

As the number of pigs in the feedlot and the size of the group is absorbing on production indicators piglets?

For a technologist

S. Dobryanskyi. Flushing feeding strategy sows

For a veterinary

The main problems of piglets after weaning: reasons and solutions


Wall fans new generation: reliability and efficiency

Piglet feeding technologies sows in the group maintenance

Practical pig farming with Andrii and Ilona Grabenko

The right start for newborns piglets are the key to success. Completion of the experiment

A healthy farm

Necrosis of auricles in pigs: clinical manifestations, causes, mechanism development, preventive measures

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