2 (26) | April, 2015

Table of contents

Industry events



VII International Congress Zoetis: Together in practice, together in life

Meat processers discussed hot issues

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

New series of regional veterinary seminars from APPU

Self-regulated organizations in Ukraine

Representatives of meat industry gathered at round table

Markets overview

Pork production and processing: quarter examination

World pork market

Philippines progressive trade channel of Ukrainian pork

Feed market review

Summer soybean deficit:gossips or reality?

Hot topic

Pig farmers vs. processers: from bazar relations to market ones


Yurii Rozanov: You needn't something special for success, the only thing is to do everything fundamentally and in time

Legal advice

M. Sysoev, O. Yurchenko Does manure have to be autoclaved?

Management . conomics

V.Evert 12 principles of gilts' managament

O. Golovko, A. Loza Budgeting of an enterprise and accounting managament in pig farming

Helpful advice

Rules of cross-fostering

Weighting by eye

Feeds . Feeding

M. Yaroshko Lowprotein diets: is there any use?

New methods of piglets neomortality

Feed additives in pigs' diets

The newest feeding strategies: do the weaning piglets need expensive rations?

Health status

Swine delta coronavirus

P. G. Anovera Porcine epidemic diarrhea: once more about the essential

Infection sows with porcine epidemic diarrhea virus by back feeding method

A. Morillo The protocol of PED-positive farm

Secure complex protection from PCV-2 and M.Hyo

Flies: opening

Technologies Reproduction

O. Baban Embrionic mortality

The competitor

ProCredit bank: Our goal is to support Ukrainian business

Signals of pigs

If pigs are affraid of people


The importance of ventilation in modern pig farming

Business trip

O. Yurchenko America: first meeting

Unexpected facts


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