Crematory is the best way of biological waste utilization.

07.03.2012 17:44:05

Iryna Muzychenko (Profitable Pig Production)

Natalya Shevchenko (manager of TORES-N)

Keeping the high sanitary standards is one of the necessary conditions of quality and ecological pork production. It prevents pigs from different diseases which lead to death and worsen the products quality.

It is difficult to avoid pigs’ death in terms of industrial production of pork. Pigs very often die because of diseases the agents of which can live in dead bodies for a long time. Anthrax, rubies and atypical pneumonia are among them. All these diseases are the treat for epidemical situation in the country. Biological waste is also an ideal environment for reproduction of flies and inimical bacteria in hot summer. Thus the problem of transportation, utilization and elimination of biological waste is very important. There are a lot of ways of biological waste utilization. The most popular in Ukraine are those: disinfection in bio-thermal pits (Becker’s pits), processing to meat and bone meal, cremation, and sometimes burying in special places.

One of the best methods to utilize biological waste is transferring it to biological waste processing plants. But it is not as easy as it seems, because one processing costs400-700 UAHwithout delivery. There are 24 plants in Ukraine today but, but very often the plant may be located as far from the enterprise as the 200 km.

The problem of utilization of biological waste is aggravated by the absence of effective laws and necessary organization.

As a result the owners everywhere bury dead bodies illegally or just throw them in trash containers. It is all a big environmental threat and may lead to deterioration of ecological and epidemical situation.

Today the best way to utilize biological waste is cremation. Cremator is a furnace made of extra strong thermal resistant steel, equipped with high productive burners. Depending on the burner the cremator may work with diesel fuel or liquefied natural gas. The choice of gas is one of the most important factors that influence the selection of cremator. It is important to estimate which gas is more available for the enterprise.

How much does it cost to burn 100 kg of biological waste in cremator?

Why are modern cremators equipped with thermo-checker?

What formula is used to estimate the capacity of the cremator suitable for the enterprise?

What is the optimal temperature to burn biological waste?

In what cases and why are cremators equipped with two burners?

What should be done with ash which is left after cremation?

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