How to achieve the target consumption of the feed of weaned piglets

The first week after weaning is especially difficult for pigs, and for operators. The last ones often have a question how to ensure good feed intake and what daily norm should a piglet eat?

  • What factors influence the insufficient intake of feed by the weaned pigs?

  • Most nutritionists believe, that weaners are usually not able to consume the amount of feed that is necessary to ensure their full growth. This is caused by a number of problems that occur immediately after the piglets were transferred to the growing unit: premature weaning, stress from changing environmental conditions and social stress, immunological problems, changes in diet.

  • Why feeding weaned piglets is rather problematic?

  • After weaning, the piglets should get used not only to the new feed. They should understand when and how much to eat, learn to distinguish between thirst and hunger and satisfy this needs. Malnutrition after weaning can cause lesions of the gastrointestinal tract and the development of allergic reactions.

  • Does good feed intake promote better growth and health of piglets after weaning?

  • The growth rates of piglets in the first days after weaning are directly dependent on feed intake. University of Ohio (USA) researches proved that an additional 100 g/day of feed during the first week of growing «turn» into a +1.5 kg to the mass of a piglet within a month.

  1. What can help to stimulate growth «to the full» of weaned piglets?
  2. Is it possible to consume more than 200 g/day of feed during the first week after weaning on practice?
  3. What physiological needs are to be considered in order to ensure high growth rates of piglets during weaning?
  4. What are the advantages of feeding weaners «in full»?
  5. What should be the average daily feed intake of piglets?

Answers to these and other questions are to be found in the full version of the article in the journal «Profitable Pig Production» No. 37 (No. 1, February 2017)

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