«If we haven't found someting new, we'd have „folded up“ our business long ago»

30.12.2015 17:10:00

Every household has its own individuality that distinguishes it among others. Novyi riven 2006, FE confirmed it once more. All about household’s peculiarities told Maryna Golubka, its head.

  • What induced you to start pig farming business?

  • My husband, Petro Golubka initiated to develop the pig breeding business. It was his idea; however the way to success wasn’t very easy.

    After years of work in different agricultural fields we let us chance and launched the farm Novyi riven 2006.

  • When you decided to go about pig farming, what do you start with?

  • Became interested in this business we lent on friends for help, who had already had the experience in this field. Also we began to visit specialized exhibitions and consult experts. We even applied to French company for calculation (equipment cost, household planning), but hearing the price we did everything all alone. Having a good calculation we bought out former cattle barn and land shares.

    Polish company helped to plan the pig complex. We were about to deliver pigs but some problems appeared.

  • Do you ask consultants for help or you learn everything by yourself, by own experience?

  • We’re not sitting in one place. We regularly visit specialized seminars, conferences, exhibitions etc. Also we travel widely European countries (Austria, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and so on). There we examine how the production is organized. Experts from neighboring countries come to us too, they give consultations, put up to pig farming novelties.

  • Regarding you have own lands, do you feed pigs with raw materials cultivated there?

  • At first we carried crops from Cherkasy oblast, but then it became too detrimental. So we decided to cultivate them here in Zakarpattia. Regarding there isn’t any hectare of cropland in our district, we grow feed in others. We have own equipment for this. Up to last year we managed to provide ourselves with feed in full. However, weather conditions had recently worsened. For example this year the yield fell because of hot summer.

  • Is your business diversified: crop production is separated from animal farming?

  • Yes, everything is divided. We have three branches: Shchedre pole, LLC is exclusively involved in crop production, Agroindustrial complex «Tysa-Zahid», LLC is engaged in pig breeding (finishing unit), Novyi riven 2006, FE combines both. The diversification is certainly needed as we have to observe the profitability of each household. That’s why we sell grain from one farm to another only on arm’s length terms. As for us, such approach is the best.

  • How do you set the pig realization? Where do you sell them to?

  • This is a problem for Zakarpattia, especially for us, as at the present moment our farm is the biggest in the region. When we had had the sale about 400-500 heads per month, we could easily sell them here, but when it enlarged to 1000 heads we have had to transport pigs to other regions as there aren’t meat processing plants nearby. For this reason we decided to develop this line. We bought out the former meat-processing plant, did the reconstruction and organized the slaughterhouse and unit for sausage industry.

  • How do you think will develop the pig industry in future? What to expect in the next year?

  • I’d define the industry condition by word «uncertainty». All pig breeders have to overcome by themselves and to survive somehow. Hope for the best!

  1. How do owners of Novyi riven 2006, FE arrive at the idea to start pig breeding business?
  2. What problems do they have at very start?
  3. How do they make peace with neighbors?
  4. Where is situated the capacities of Novyi riven 2006?
  5. What genetics do they work with? Why? What are the key figures of its selection?
  6. Why do they choose the technology of pig housing called «cold table»? what are its peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages?
  7. What is the personal policy of the household?
  8. Do the plan to expand the production?

You can find answers for these and other questions in the full version of the interview in the magazine «Profitable Pig Production», № 6 (30) 2015.

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