Zootechnologia, LLC: Full attention to staff and work with animals

03.06.2014 09:45:00

In summer, the most popular direction in Ukraine is the South. Our magazine decided, «to keep up» and went to Kherson to communicate with Tetiana Larina, production manager of Zootechnologia, LLC. She readily told about farm’s work and shared with plans of its development. It looks as if the top-10 Ukrainian pigfarms will change soon!

Ivan Chaikivsky: In order to save and develop business, one must learn to economize

22.05.2014 06:46:20

Agroprodservice, PAC has already appeared in focus of our magazine. But at the time when the situation in the country isn’t constant, the history of the farm, which emerged from desolation and within fifteen years of work became one of Ukrainian pig market leaders, encourages optimism and teaches to develop business no matter what the circumstances are. How to save the business in challenging times, told us the general manager Ivan Chaikivsky.

Business will be profitable when there are efforts and understanding of technologies LLC Belhrankorm-Poltavschuna

15.01.2014 16:01:46

LLC «BELHRANKORM-POLTAVSCHUNA» — the only Russian investment project, which develops pig production in Ukraine. Although the uniqueness does not end there: a young management team in a new way has come to address many critical production issues. How it all began and by which a decision «Belhrankorm-Poltavschuna» now occupies one of the top positions in the list of the most successful producers of pork, the director of animal husbandry towards Vladislav Leshenko.

It is necessary that business, state and science work together

07.11.2013 16:50:50

Andriy Getia, the head of animal department of Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine shared his thoughts how to arrange the dialogue. In fact, when pig producers and the state, finally, «will become friends», the branch will win the jackpot.

Sigma: evolution to the perfection

23.09.2013 14:13:08

Sigma, Ltd. is an enterprise, developing only pig breeding line. Such a specialization, from owners’ perspective, will give them the possibility to get the excellence and remain competitive on pig market in any conditions. This is the major task of the owners. They are Sanasar and Mger Kujumchian, a father and a son, who unite efforts for the benefit of the common goal. Even now Sigma, Ltd. is between twenty the best Ukrainian pig farms. In spite of the fact, that the company developed in a cut and try method for a long time. However, nowadays, taking into account the gathered experience, plans and owners’ mind, it only remains to ask: “What will be the next achievement?”

grokombinat Slobozhanskyi, PJSC the one, that has risen from the ashes

23.07.2013 14:12:39
— How did you make the decision to switch over to grokombinat «Slobozhanskyi», PJSC?

— A meeting with one of the current coowners of Slobozhanskyi stimulated to make the decision. In 2011, they came to Galychyna-Zahid, where I worked at that time, at the invitation of Big Dutchman to see how the equipment of this company operate. I gave a tour and got a proposition to work with them at once. I didn’t give it a serious thought. However, when I got to know that Yaroslav Kebal had taken an offer I agreed to visit the enterprise to see everything with my own eyes and evaluate the amount of work. I still remember: on 8th March I came there and decided to accept an offer while returning home. In several weeks I plunged into work!

Petro Labazyuk: Vitagro living on the land: business phylosophy in one word

21.06.2013 11:54:14

Today Agrarna kompaniya 2004, PC is a part of the vertically integrated structure GC VITAGRO — one of the leaders of commercial pig production of Khmelnytsky region. Just in short years ago a forward-looking dream was to enlarge number of sows to 600. That’s why it was a real pleasure to talk to the representatives of the holding company, that got the reword “Agricultural elite of Ukraine” in 2012 as one of the biggest agricultural producers, about the targets and mission on the Ukrainian market. 

Agroprime Holding, Ltd: when "prime" really means the best

07.03.2013 14:42:22

The human being is a sprout that strains after the light. This is the logo of Agroprime Holding, Ltd., which is known in all regions of Ukraine as boars and gilts produced by the enterprise are sold throughout the country. One of the best pig breeding enterprises grew in prairies of Bessarabiya less than in seven years. The working staff of the enterprise is sure that such a quick growth of the enterprise became possible due to the team of specialists. “If you start doing something it must be done alpha plus otherwise just don’t start, - says the general director of the enterprise Larysa Ignat. All the staff shares her philosophy.

White sow in Pryluky prairies

22.01.2013 17:29:28

Today Pryluky-HarantBud, Ltd. is a young enterprise in Chernihiv region that produces high quality pork. The history of the enterprise began 4 years ago with a deserted pig farm in the Obychiv village near Pryluky where ruins were left from 20 premises located on 18 hectares of land. But if you have the reliable team of people who think the same way and if you have the real desire to go forward any task is within the power.

Viktor Lisnyy: Knowledge is a wealth that gives the chance in life

16.11.2012 15:07:06

Every year we hear more and more complaints on detachment of soviet agrarian educational establishments from day to day realities. Reading matter that corresponds modern requirements is not enough. There are also very little places where students can do practical trainings. As a result young graduates don’t begin their careers in agriculture. But there are exceptions. We talked to Viktor Lisnyy about how Freedom Farm Bacon, Ltd. trains highly qualified specialists and keeps the leading positions on breeding market of Ukraine.

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