Aleksandr Myrnyy: The money should be invested in people, not in the project!

04.09.2012 16:42:23

On the eve of the difficult period for agriculture of Ukraine connected with the election campaign, of the possible difficulties of the feeds due to adverse weather conditions and the threat of African swine fever spread we’ve decided to talk to an outstanding representative of pig production industry — Oleksandr Myrny. An ardent patriot of his country and co-owner of a group of farms reveals to you his own philosophy of doing business.

The effective enterprise starts with an employee taking his work as his own business.

16.08.2012 17:47:07

I’ve heard Mr. Getman’s addresses at various seminars and forums on pig production repeatedly. My attention was always pulled by his deep knowledge in almost each aspect of that concerning growing pigs irrespective of what it comes to: equipment, food and feeding, genetics and economics of production or management of staff. That’s unbelievable it wasn’t an agricultural university he graduated from. But the very fact he got five certificates for his developments having appeared in his diploma thesis may give us some insights: Volodymyr Getman is an innovator and a searcher by nature. A deal of technological innovations has come into life and become popular among Ukrainian pig production enterprises owing to his successful initiative. We got closer meanwhile our training course in pig production in USA in terms of program «Cochrane». So long as a significant part of the advanced technologies of pig production of USA we were demonstrated has been already brought into use in «Dnipro-Gibryd» I just couldn’t avoid the occasion to visit his enterprise.

Vira-1, Ltd is one of the seven pillars the agricultural holding Pan Kurchak is leaned on

18.05.2012 15:07:14

Agro industrial group «Pan Kurchak» has been successfully developing for more than 10 years on the west of Ukraine. But for the poultry farms the enterprise also owns crop production enterprises, animal farms, and processing enterprises. Agro industrial group «Pan Kurchak» is the biggest employer of Volyn region; 1400 employees work on it. Pig Production is one of most important direction of agricultural holding development; Vira-1 is responsible for it.

Pavlo Hryhorovych Sinchenko is the Chairman of the Management Board of Vira-1 ltd, he unlocks secrets of the success of the enterprise.

Everything starts with management; the rest is a details which may be negotiated

04.04.2012 08:22:42

Daughter enterprise «Fermy danam» was the first enterprise with Danish investments in pig production in Ukraine and the first enterprise that started to work with pigs of Danish genetics. The enterprise will be 14 years old in 2012. During these 14 years it remains among the most effective enterprises. A slim woman carries out the whole management of all the structure; and in the same time she manages to be a wise director, strategist and tactics, loving mother and wife.

Hlobyno pig farm is a Gulliver of Poltava pig production

27.12.2011 17:12:26

Lately there are less and less people that are really found of what they do. That is why it was a real pleasure to get acquainted with the representatives of Hlobyno pig farm. Poltava region is considered to be the heart of pig production of Ukraine. The active development and the philosophy of that enterprise without any doubts only fortify the positions of the region.

Agroprodservis: Each enterprise is a miniature of Ukraine. What our country is like depends on the way your enterprise works.

28.09.2011 08:32:17

For more than ten years of existence Agroprodservis, PAE has become one of the best economies of agricultural sector of the region as well as of Ukraine. The enterprise continues developing dynamically and shares secrets of its success as the motto of all Agroprodservis Corporation is “Fair partnership”.

Arthur Loza: Ukrainian pig production realizes only the 10th part of its possibilities

01.07.2011 12:42:52

They started pig production on “Demis – Agro “Ltd from the scratch. Nowadays the guests and different delegations on the enterprise is a usual practice. Colleagues trust the experience of the director of “Demis-Agro” Ltd, Arthur Loza and always hold to what he says. His thesis: “Pig production is very promising for Ukraine and has great opportunities” is proved by the success of his enterprise.

Nadiya Kudlay: Definitely we know how to survive. But we have to learn how to live

13.06.2011 15:33:00

Neat residence of “Elita” Ltd is a former research station, which was a heritage without windows with broken tables and chairs. The farm was renewed from a desert complex on the suburbs of Teresino village. The farm is fairly called “Elita” because it is among the best breeding farms of Ukraine. Nadiya Dmytrivna has a gift to convince, can spark with an idea. She often jokes: “If I was told to be a president of Uganda in 18 years old I would be”. She hasn’t lost her positivism by now. She comments on the prospects of Ukraine: “I am sure that Ukrainians will overcome any difficulties, because our people had experienced a lot”. But she dreams: “We definitely know how to survive. But we have to learn how to live”

Halychyna-Zahid Ltd from ruins to the best European results

13.06.2011 14:43:00

Almost destroyed soviet pig farm, a farm that could place 54 thousand pigs a year was bought in 2006 after long negotiations. Today Halychyna-Zahid” Ltd is an enterprise that has 100% of Danish investments and is among ten the most powerful pig farms in Ukraine. This enterprise was among the first who initiated to found the Association of pig producers of Ukraine.

Oleksii Hryhorovych Prudyus: The secret of our success is people!

06.06.2011 15:00:00

— How is it possible that a beekeeper works with pigs or one can say that it’s your fate?

— If somebody told me fifteen years ago that I would work with pigs I would have never believed. In times past me and my friends – companions dealt with export-import of grain legumes. We exported mostly to Belorussia, Western Russia, Baltic countries.

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