Ukraine, LLC: “If choose than the best. If you do, do it qualitatively!”

20.02.2017 09:50:00

«Small and successful» — you can safely say it about a small pig farm Ukraine, LLC, that is located in the Chernigov region. After all, every step in the way of business development is considered, only the best equipment is chosen for production, genetics and feed, tested by experience and time. Simple truths, how the enterprise manages to function effectively and improve constantly, shared the company director Alexander Kushnirenko and the director of animal husbandry Alexander Tyshenkov.

  • Ukraine, LLC is included to the Agrodom group of companies. Tell about the formation of the holding and the economy itself?

  • Alexander Kushnirenko: the history of Agrodom, Ltd JV started in 2003 and for 14 years of its activity we already had certain achievements. At first the holding worked only in the field of plant growing, but then the livestock sector began to develop (swine-breeding and cattle). In 2007-08 Ukraine, LLC was included as its member.

  • How did the hog breeding develop?

  • When the Ukraine, LLC was acquired, we received three buildings for fattening pigs in our property. These premises were reconstructed; another pigsty was built. Now breeding herd has 600 sows, although we planned to breed 1100 firstly.

  • Is swine-breeding a business that develops on its «own funds» or on attracted investments?

  • Alexander Kushnirenko: Together own funds and attracted investments. Of course, the establishment of the enterprise was gradual. A few years later we received financial support that was enough for complete reconstruction of the complex and livestock purchase.

  1. How vertically integrated is the production in Ukraine, LLC?
  2. What are the technological features of pork production? What is the ratio of native and foreign equipment?
  3. What condition are pigs fattened and where do they sell them?
  4. Do they use specific rations for pigs?
  5. What is the need for staff in relation to the livestock?
  6. Does the situation with ASF affect the activities of the enterprise?
  7. Was 2016 effective for the company? What are the plans for the future?

Answers to these and other questions are to be found in the full version of the article in the journal «Profitable Pig Production» No. 37 (No. 1, February 2017)

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