Drinking bowls for adults

16.08.2012 13:38:57

Mariya Yarishko master MBA

Water is of essential importance for all organs of the animal as it is responsible for thermoregulation, absorption of nutrients, secretory function and the tissue growth. Note, water comprises 80% of newborn piglets’ body and 55% of a finishers’. The long absence of water may be fatal for animals. Even a slight dehydration can be a reason of worse feed intake, as well as its bad conversion, small daily gains, decrease of milk production in lactating sows and smaller weights of weaners. But the reasons of bad production date are looked for in feeds.

If you want to obtain high production results from efficient pig herd you must follow the main rule which is to have the optimal housing, feeding and watering conditions. For mature pigs (both for breeding and commercial herds) watering is of essential importance, water and water supply system are very important for daily gains and for reproduction system.

For the breeding pigs water is necessary for keeping the urinary tract healthy. Nutrient rich feeding cause loading on excretory organs. The urinary tract and bladder may accumulate salt, especially when there are mistakes in diets. The causative agents (brought during insemination because of ill sanitation conditions) may cause inflammatory process if the urinary tract is not flushed with urine well enough.

Urinary tract infections are dangerous because the infection may spread on reproduction system, leading to empty days, abortions or culling.

Water is also important for sows because lactation performance depends on it. The milk producing ability may vary from 200 −250 kg up to 400 kg during lactating period. The piglet needs 3 kilos of milk to gain one kilo of weight.

What is the necessary water intake for the sow on different stages of production?

How does the water intake depend on feeding system?

What are the requirements to the quantity of drinking bowls?

What are the advantages of the cup waterers in the comparison with nipple ones?

How to choose the right location for the drinking bowl?

How many liters of water will the timely repair of drinking bowl save?

What should the speed of water saving be?

You can read more in the magazine publication «Profitable Pig Production», № 3 (9), 2012

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