5 Steps Controlling PRSS

Porsine reproductive respiratory syndrome is a relevant disease which causes significant economic losses throughout the world, including Ukraine. Though only a few know how to control it. Paul Henning Ratkjen, Danish expert in pigs health, told how a farm with PRSS may achieve high production indexes during the VIII International Congress «Profitable pig production».

  • What are the steps to control PRSS?

  • It is much more than just a vaccination. It requires a deep understanding of the disease, the production system as well as systematic approach to achieve long-term success.

  • From where to start when implementing PRSS control system?

  • PRSS-positive farm first and foremost should determine what seeks to achieve to control or eradicate the virus.

  • How to determine the PRSS status of the farm?

  • PRSS status is established using laboratory diagnostics.

  1. What are the main routes of transmission and contamination of the PRSS?
  2. What is the phase in pigs development when they are at the heightened risk level.
  3. How to minimize the risk of PRSS transmission?
  4. When should piglets be entered into the main herd? What are the 10 management rules that help to fight against RRSS?
  5. How many times should pigs be immunized?
  6. What are three main components in the efficient supervisory framework for RRSS?

Look for the answers to these and other questions at the full version of the article in the magazine «Profitable pig production» № 35 (№ 5, October 2016).

5 Steps Controlling PRSS
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