Hygiene Feed Production Aspects

Regarding the increasing of ASF cases in spring-autumn period producers are concerned with the possibility of feed to be a carrier of this and other pathogens. They are worried about how to protect a farm against such risks.

Mykola Demchak, a specialist in pig breeding, answered these questions during the VIII International Congress «Profitable pig production».

  • Can feed be a carrier of various pathogens?

  • If you do not follow the basic principles of feed production, the answer is definite -yes it can.

  • How do the storage grain conditions influence the hygiene feed production?

  • It is important to isolate the grain storage from rodents, birds or other animals that can carry pathogens.

  • How to improve hygiene during grain cleaning?

  • A single cleaning of raw material halves a probability of development fungus, and each following reduces the concentration of toxins.

  1. What is the most effective method of feed decontamination?
  2. What is the main disadvantage of the heat treatment?
  3. What is the period when the feed should be fed after harvesting?
  4. What should be pay attention to when placing a bunker on a feed mill factory?
  5. What is better to use when giving feed: chain conveyors or compressors?
  6. What allows to control cost price of feed production and lowing business expense?

Look for the answers to these and other questions at the full version of the article in the magazine «Profitable pig production» № 35 (№ 5, October 2016)

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