«My farm is my castle»: Biosecurity Audit on Ukrainian Pig Farms

No pathogenic agent penetrate the farm if «Your farm is your castle». The United States Department of Agriculture and The Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders helped Ukrainian pig farms test «castles» on strength. Experts joined forces and developed a questionnaire on biosecurity, made a series of pig farms audits, met with experts and specialized institutions working on ASF issues in Ukraine. But the time is up quickly so we can summarize the project.

We interviewed Brian Lu, development and strengthening Head of the Service Agricultural Potential Abroad of USDA, Bob Bokma, independent expert, who has been working 36 years in the Animal and Plant Health Control Service under USDA and Vitalii Piotrovych, independent specialist of veterinary medicine, who joined to the project «Assessment of Pig farms biosecurity under ASF conditions».

  • What were the impressions of experts after finishing two-week work on biosecurity audits?

  • We visited a sufficient number of farms to understand that the level of biosecurity significantly differs in Ukraine. And it is natural, because the reason is always in people.

  • What are the risk factors included in to the top ones?

  • Experts say that first of all its meat products contaminated with a virus that uncontrollably «travels» from region to region.

  • Where does the biosecurity system is better managed in Ukraine or USA?

  • It is difficult to compare because we live under different epizootic conditions. Fortunately, there is no ASF in USA.

  1. What issues where the most relevant to ask experts?
  2. What items where taken into consideration by managers when discussing it’s biosecurity?
  3. Why did experts focus on large and medium-sized of farms only?
  4. What is the most important problem in the experts’ opinion?
  5. What is the role of household farms in the biosecurity system of pig production units?
  6. Why does compliance of biosecurity protocol considered to be the main risk to the farm?

Look for the answers to these and other questions at the full version of the interview in the magazine «Profitable pig production» № 35 (№ 5, October 2016)

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