It's Chine, babe!

Throughout the week in Beijing, where we participated in Anufood China exhibition 2016, we constantly repeated the expression “It's Chine, babe!”. That is because of Chinese reality, which is unconventional one for us, Ukrainians... I will share with you with some amusing things…

Chief editor of Profitable Pig Production shared her impressions of participation in the exhibition and of such a unique, modern, and weird city as Beijing.

  • What do Chinese prefer meat or by-products?

  • The Chinese prefer by-products to meat. Moreover a lot of these goods available not only at supermarkets, but primarily at street shops.

  • What do Chinese people eat or is Ukrainian food better?
  • Chinese cuisine in Ukrainian is much tastier than what we ate in Beijing. Maybe we just had any luck with choosing a restaurant...

  • Is Beijing a modern business center or a flea market?

  • When you are in Beijing, sometimes there is a feeling as if you are at the flea market. Any accommodation inside is full of shops. Where you can find whatever you want from hair band to synthetic furs.
    Look for the answers to these and other questions at the full version of the article in the magazine «Profitable pig production» № 36 (№ 6, December 2016)
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