What corn milling dispersity is the most optimal for pigs?

Cereals, corn in particular is the main source of energy in the pigs diet. Pork producers have to check not only its quality but also the size of grinding in order to maximize feed efficiency. Almost 75% of production expenses constitute the feed costs. By the help of better corn digestibility the cost of pork production could be lower significantly. This may be achieved by the right particle size of corn. It affects animals grow and digestion of nutrients.

  • What is the size of corn particle to be better digested?

  • Scientists at the University of Illinois have determined that small particles in the corn feed provides better assimilation of energy.

  • Does corn milling dispersity effect the pork quality?

  • Corn particle size of 500 −700 mm does not effect carcass characteristics and the quality of pork. Though it may improve feed digestibility and the level of nutrient absorption.

  • Do sows badly consume corn feed of a small size?

  • Experiments prove the opposite: in proportion to the reduction of food particles increasing consumption (+ 8.1%), increased survival pigs (+ 3.5%) and overall weight gain jacks (7.2%).

  • Experiments prove the opposite: in proportion to the reduction feed particles consumption increases by 8.1%, survival pigs by 3.5% and overall weight gain slot by 7.2%.

  1. How does corn particles size affects production indexes?
  2. Does particles size effect the quality of lean meat.
  3. What corn size particles allow to achieve the highest growth?
  4. What is the secret of high feed conversion?
  5. How to reduce the cost of feeding by grinding methods?
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