Successful desinfection means safe biosecurity

Disinfection plays a fundamental role in veterinary and sanitary measures. It is an integral part of the production technological cycle and aimed at the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms and prevention of infectious animal diseases.

  • How to ensure effective disinfection?

  • For it to be effective, choose the right disinfectant carefully and thoughtfully. Otherwise, poor disinfection can cause infectious diseases of animals and even complete loss of the livestock.

  • What disinfectant should be used to prevent ASF?

  • There is no universal disinfection method or preparation. All the solutions should be individualized to the farm conditions. However, there are general approaches and rules that will guarantee successful disinfection.

  • Does hands disinfection with alcohol help to fight ASF virus?

  • No, it does not. However, it doesn’t mean that we should not use disinfectant on the alcohol base if it doesn’t work against ASF.

  1. Is prior preparation of an object compulsory before disinfection?
  2. How to choose an effective disinfectant, its concentration and exposition?
  3. Why some disinfectants are effective against pathogens and «powerless» against the others?
  4. How to disinfect during the cold season?
  5. Is it effective to use ultraviolet radiation to disinfect materials?
  6. Is it important to consider the combination of active substances in ready-made preparations?
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