Prevention and treatment of anemia in piglets: a comparative study of ferric iron preparations

12.03.2021 11:19:00

Alimentary anemia in piglets is a common problem. In sick animals, the average daily gain deteriorates, they lag behind in development, and in severe cases - the death rate increases.

Alimentary anemia in animals was first described in 1891, observing newborn piglets. The reason was identified violations in the keeping and feeding of pigs. Only 30 years later, a link was established between anemia and iron deficiency in piglets treated with iron oxide feeding. And in order to prevent - ferrous sulfate. Subsequently, iron-containing drugs, which were presented mainly in forms for internal use, replaced drugs for injection, in particular on the basis of iron dextran.

Piglet diarrhea: explanation of the underlying causes

Diarrhea is one of the most common disorders of the gastrointestinal tract in piglets. Do not delay with its treatment. Very often because of the parasitic diseases and a decrease in the overall resistance of the organism diarrhea can be accompanied by infectious pathologies. The ability to accurately and timely identify the causes of diarrhea will help prevent negative consequences.

Successful desinfection means safe biosecurity

Disinfection plays a fundamental role in veterinary and sanitary measures. It is an integral part of the production technological cycle and aimed at the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms and prevention of infectious animal diseases.

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