What is the secret of pork worldwide fame?

Probably each of us at least once in our lives tasted pork and for sure did not remain indifferent. We find meat tasty, juicy and even a little bit sweet. But only few of us thought about when was the first time people began to eat it, where and how people consume pork and what are the benefits to other products.

  • When people began to tame pigs?

  • It turns out that pig is one of the oldest domestic animals which were domesticated 5 000 years BC.

  • Where do people consume pork the most in the globe.

  • People eat pork the most in Asia, Europe, Africa (sub-Saharan), North and South America and Oceania.

  • What made the French produce various meat products?

  • In France in the fifteenth century local industry guilds were allowed to sell only salted or dried pork. So people had to make different meat products as ham and sausages.

  1. Why pork in China «wins» the beef?
  2. Where is the place of Ukraine among the largest pig consumers of the world?
  3. Why lard is a symbol of Ukrainian cuisine?
  4. In what country roasted pig on a spit is a traditional dish?
  5. Why Muslims and Jews do not eat pork?
    Look for the answers to these and other questions at the full version of the article in the magazine «Profitable pig production» № 36 (№ 6, December 2016)
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