Porcine epidemic diarrhea a new danger for our pigbreeding

10.06.2014 18:06:00

Victor Evert, doctor of veterinary medicine, coordinator of Consultation center of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Oleksiy Sheptuha, doctor of veterinary medicine, pigbreeding consultant

Hyperproductivity of sows: what to do with extra piglets?

Thomas Greve, consulting technician of Danish genetics DanAvl

Olena Vasylevych, regional sales manager Breeders of Denmark A/S

Agro Plus 2006, LLC: grow pigs without antibiotics is real

It has become an axiom that three cornerstones of pigbreeding are genetics, feed and housing. But the practice states that it’s impossible to reach the success without correct management. The director of Agro Plus 2006, LLC Thomas Brunner treated the business in a complex way, striving the global aim — to produce a quality product without using antibiotics in pig growing. Now his approach is not only known in Europe as «System Tymoshivka», but also has followers. It’s pleasant to recognize that there are things to learn in Ukraine, too.

Zootechnologia, LLC: Full attention to staff and work with animals

03.06.2014 09:45:00

In summer, the most popular direction in Ukraine is the South. Our magazine decided, «to keep up» and went to Kherson to communicate with Tetiana Larina, production manager of Zootechnologia, LLC. She readily told about farm’s work and shared with plans of its development. It looks as if the top-10 Ukrainian pigfarms will change soon!

Ivan Chaikivsky: In order to save and develop business, one must learn to economize

22.05.2014 06:46:20

Agroprodservice, PAC has already appeared in focus of our magazine. But at the time when the situation in the country isn’t constant, the history of the farm, which emerged from desolation and within fifteen years of work became one of Ukrainian pig market leaders, encourages optimism and teaches to develop business no matter what the circumstances are. How to save the business in challenging times, told us the general manager Ivan Chaikivsky.

Nucleuses in Ukraine are the warrant of pig farming development

Almost a year has passed since the Pig breeding center, LLC opened its door for all, who wish to get acquainted with new energy-saving production technologies, which are new for Ukrainian market. Eugene Kryvorot, the director, told about work and first results of the enterprise.

Can the Ukrainian consulting service exist?

Victor Evert, coordinator of Consultation center of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

There is no one pig commercial enterprise, which would not require the consultancy service. In Ukraine there are those, who have already established the cooperation (mainly enterprises with foreign investments), the other (the majority) still cannot decide, because, they say, they don’t feel the necessity and don’t know whom to believe. But the situation in the country develops so that only the strongest will survive. To become the same, one must learn and optimize work. Who can teach and organize the system? The consultants can. Their role in our pig breeding business will become more and more immediate. That’s why, it’s necessary to know what consultancy services are available in our market and how to orientate which of them will give the result.

New perspectives and tendencies in sows reproduction

21.05.2014 14:40:09

Pedro González Añover, D.V.M., Ph.D, Veterinary-technologist of swine section R&D department (Miavit GmbH)

The benefits of swine production in the reproductive area are determined by the number of piglets obtained per sow and year. The number of offspring per sow is determined, in turns, by the age at first farrowing, the interval among farrowings and the number of piglets in each farrowing (prolificacy). Prolificacy in swine, as in other multiparous species, depends on the number of ovulations and/or the embryo losses during pregnancy.

Is this a crisis?

21.05.2014 14:20:18

«Crimean issue can reformat our pork market»

Dmitro Rozhko, director, «Priluky-GarantBud» Ltd., Chernigov region

Real price of artificial insemination

21.05.2014 14:07:55

John Carr, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, an international independent consultant in pig industry

Most producers will buy semen or make semen doses all by themselves to get their sows and gilts pregnant. But there is a major concern — the price we pay for the semen bottle/flatpack. Is this rational? We should value the price of semen by the results, that we get from its’ using.

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