5 Steps Controlling PRSS

20.10.2016 12:11:13

Porsine reproductive respiratory syndrome is a relevant disease which causes significant economic losses throughout the world, including Ukraine. Though only a few know how to control it. Paul Henning Ratkjen, Danish expert in pigs health, told how a farm with PRSS may achieve high production indexes during the VIII International Congress «Profitable pig production».

Benchmarking in pig farming: cognition comes through comparison

At the present moment benchmarking is a vogue word in administrative sphere. In Ukraine it is regarded cautiously and with mistrust, bewaring that benchmarking can be ‘a commercial scouting.’ And this is when farmers in progressive pig breeding countries pay quite a sum of money to use this instrument.

External trade as controller of domestic market

02.02.2016 17:18:00

It is well-known that price on the market forms in the trade-off point of demand and supply. While in previous years pig producers in Ukraine were oriented exclusively for domestic consumers, but the last year the external demand was compensated by weaker appetites of Ukrainians. At the beginning of 2016 the situation has changed. The main consumer of Ukrainian pork — Russia — has abandoned goods and promotion of trading relations with EU and Canada, who are pork net exporters, bothers market players. You can read about Ukrainian pork trade in 2015 and prospects for current year in our research below.

Immunocastration: minus flavour, plus profit

Deep smell of feces and urine is a peculiarity of mature intact boars’ meat. To avoid this situation, boars are traditionally castrated on first days of life. But concern about animal welfare was an impact to invent a new method — immunocastration. You can read about its advantage in the article below.

Barkom, LLC: the success of vertical integration in Ukraine

02.02.2016 16:06:00

At crisis many people complain that do and develop business is difficult. They say not now... But if there is a goal it is possible to reach it despite the circumstances. Such sense of purpose is worthwhile learning from executive staff of Barkom, LLC. They managed to turn small kiosks into powerful vertically-integrated enterprise. Oleg Baran, the founder member of the company told about the way through hardships.

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