SPF status: an advantage or an expensive whim?

Maria Yaroshko, master of Business Administration, Ukrainian-German agrarian dialogue expert

Red californian worm biohumus producer

05.11.2013 15:02:07

Victor Kuznietsov, manager of the finishing complex of Sigma, PE

Manure is an essential element of pig producing business. Often it is a problematic one. As it has rather aggressive odour and cannot be placed on fields in a ‘raw’ form. This requires the creation of special pig biowaste managing system. One of its components might be a Californian worm, that change organics into high-quality biohumus.

Plastic floor in the growing unit. How to choose and what to pay attention for

05.11.2013 14:47:34

Maksym Nemesh, the Ikadan Ukraine company representative

Piglets weaning is the hardest period for little animals, as they have no mum any more, and the habitual nutrition (milk) is changed into dry feed. Often in the newly formed groups happen conflicts, piglets are anxious and disturbed. It has a negative impact on animal production performance and their development. That’s why in weaning period it is important to reduce all possible stress factors. The main task for a herdsman is to create conditions for painless entering of piglets into the adulthood. First of all the attention should be paid to the livestock stall size, air temperature and microclimate. It is necessary to provide the free access to feeds and water and to keep cleanliness so that a herdsman disturbed piglets minimally. No less important is floor choice for the growing unit. Let’s focus on this.

What to do with the main feed raw materials this autumn

Volodymyr Yaroshenko, independent consultant of compound feed industry, professor of Uman national University of Horticulture

Nowadays the situation with crop storage is ambiguous: for example, for early crops it is very favourable while for corn and sunflower it is disastrous. How it influences the feed production, what dangers to wait for and how to avoid them —the article will give you the answers.

Toothed and Tailed Danger

Our planet is inhabited by over two thousands species of gnawing animals, mice and rats (or mouse-like rodents) are the part of them, they are very dangerous for livestock objects.

Reducing Cost of Production

Simon Grey is an independent adviser of pig grams management, director of consulting company Checkfarm Consulting Ltd

The production cycle of a pig is about 11 months (from insemination to sale). When the process is started you do not know how much product you will sell and what will be the price for it. That is why producing for the lowest cost is important as it gives us the highest chance of making a profit!

To control cost firstly we have to really understand what cost really is. For example it is easy to reduce the cost of production on any farm by 60% . All we have to do is to simply stop feeding the pigs!!! Clearly however this is not possible as the pigs will die and the business will have nothing to sell and go bankrupt!

Good advice is beyond price. Episode 3: high-quality air

Dr. Dirk Hesse, independent pork industry consultant, director of AGRIKontakt consulting company

It’s not a secret that either a human being or an animal (we mean a pig here) dies within 10 minutes without air. That’s why high-quality air on a pig farm is very important, but also a difficult-to-achieve thing. Taking into account the peculiarities of the business, pig farms will hardly smell of flowers! On the other hand, there are ways to make pig farm air less “aggressive” (it becomes so due to harmful gases, particularly ammonia).

Sigma: evolution to the perfection

23.09.2013 14:13:08

Sigma, Ltd. is an enterprise, developing only pig breeding line. Such a specialization, from owners’ perspective, will give them the possibility to get the excellence and remain competitive on pig market in any conditions. This is the major task of the owners. They are Sanasar and Mger Kujumchian, a father and a son, who unite efforts for the benefit of the common goal. Even now Sigma, Ltd. is between twenty the best Ukrainian pig farms. In spite of the fact, that the company developed in a cut and try method for a long time. However, nowadays, taking into account the gathered experience, plans and owners’ mind, it only remains to ask: “What will be the next achievement?”

The main thing about antibiotics

It’s difficult to imagine modern pig production without antibiotics. At the same time it’s not only fashionable but also scandalous topic nowadays. There are many reasons for this. To understand why it’s needed to get to know this phenomenon better.

Underground waters cant be forbidden to use

23.07.2013 16:15:04

Vadim Shestakov, senior lawyer of Danevych law firm

Olexandr Kripak, lawyer of Danevych law firm

Grand Guignol of Legislative Regulation

It’s hard to imagine modern farms, especially pig farms, which do not use water from artesian wells. It’s a pity but in Ukraine you have to go to great lengths and use all your creativity and strategic thinking to satisfy even this bare necessity. The matter is that Ukrainian legislators in cooperation with regulatory bodies do everything possible to «facilitate» running business in our country. A striking example is use of underground waters.

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