About some reasons to slaughter on higher weights

13.03.2014 15:52:59

André van Lankveld, Swine Technical Manager, BIOMIN Gmbh (Austria)

The higher slaughter weights will influence: meat quality: More backfat depth (sow worse meat percentage), bigger lion, bigger hams, more intra muscular fat. growth rate can drop down after certain weights, this influences the feed conversion rates extremely. This is depending on genetics, sexe, health status and temperature. The influence of the increase of backfat depth is depending genetic, sexe, health status (often SPF status have higher backfat depth because of the increased feed intak capacity).

Secrets of feed conversion efficiency

16.01.2014 17:44:42

André van Lankveld, swine technical manager, Biomin GmbH (Austria)

Fluctuation of grain and pork market strongly influences the profitability of pig production business. The most critical situation is when feeds are expensive but the price of a kilo of live weight is low. However, even then a pig farm can gain money. The lower the feed conversion ratio is, the bigger the profits are. On what the feed conversion ratio depends and what way make it better read further in the article.

Galvanized metal constructions for rapid building of pig farm the right choice

16.01.2014 17:36:31

Zubco Alexander, CEO of «Promstan»

Metalwork firmly is taken its place in the building. Recently, more and more farmers are choosing LMK (light metal construction) for agricultural development.

Pig genetics: peculiarities of feeding of gestating sows

Peter-Jan Maas, Independent feed advisor (Netherlands)

Pork production is becoming more and more efficient primarily thanks to genetic progress. From this article you’ll learn about the peculiarities of the most globally spread genetic types of pigs, and also the factors that influence the maximum fulfillment of their potential.

Gastric ulcers big loses

16.01.2014 16:21:33

Pia Conradsen, doctor of veterinary medicine, co-owner of the company SvineVet (Denmark)

It’s difficult to avoid ulcer disease under conditions of intensive pork production. As a result pigs grow more slowly and the farm, consequaently, loses profits. However, from the economical point of view, the most critical problem is deaths of 2–3% of affected animals. That’s why it’s on behalf of pork producers to identify the problem and also to know how to cure it. There is some advice in the article that will help them.

Business will be profitable when there are efforts and understanding of technologies LLC Belhrankorm-Poltavschuna

15.01.2014 16:01:46

LLC «BELHRANKORM-POLTAVSCHUNA» — the only Russian investment project, which develops pig production in Ukraine. Although the uniqueness does not end there: a young management team in a new way has come to address many critical production issues. How it all began and by which a decision «Belhrankorm-Poltavschuna» now occupies one of the top positions in the list of the most successful producers of pork, the director of animal husbandry towards Vladislav Leshenko.

Estonian Pig Producers adopt Ukrainian experience

The delegation composed of 15 representatives of Estonian Pig Producers Association studied the features of Ukrainian pig production in May 2013 during the agricultural tour organized by RealTOURS.

Thus, the group started its exploration with a visit to State Enterprise «Danam Farms» as one of the industry leaders. During the meeting guests got to know how the husbandry with Danish investment entered Top-50 the best Ukrainian enterprises and owing to what technologies it became possible.

It is necessary that business, state and science work together

07.11.2013 16:50:50

Andriy Getia, the head of animal department of Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine shared his thoughts how to arrange the dialogue. In fact, when pig producers and the state, finally, «will become friends», the branch will win the jackpot.

Toothed and tailed danger: say no to rodents

In the previous issue we’ve spoken about what economic losses may mouse—like rodents cause to a farm. That’s why preventive measures are obligatory for each farm unit, and deratization should be done very seriously. In fact it’s rather difficult to get rid of mice and rats however there are lots of stoppers on the market. We try to describe in brief mechanisms of their actions, emphasizing on advantages and disadvantages.

Sorgo in swine diets: its not all that simple

Peter Smid, chairman of technical department of Trouw Nutrition Hifeed (Netherlands)

Lubomyr Dubiniak, technical assistant of animal feeding Trouw NutritionUkr, LLC

Sorgo is a relatively new ingredient in pigs’ diets. It’s best characterized by the word ‘ambiguous’. Why is it so? Read in the article.

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