Adding rye to pigs ration is the real way to save money

Continuous decrease of margin makes pig producers all over the world study new ways to reduce the cost of production. It is quite natural that reserves are looked for in feeds, which are the main expenditure item. But while new protein and energy sources are being invented, we forget about rye which is well-known and efficient way to save money.

Undeservingly Forgotten

In the majority of countries where rye is a traditional crop the lion’s share of this crop was used in bakery. But the trends have been changing rye is fairly appreciated as a raw material for bioenergy and a grain compound of animal feeds. It is equal to traditional wheat and barley by its nutritional value. European countries which are the leaders in pig production keep using rye in pigs diets more actively. The pig producers of Denmark and Netherland (those who produce feeds by themselves in particular) have been using 50% of grown rye for forage production for two last years; German pig producers use40-50%of grown rye, Polish pig producers — the third part of harvested rye.

Rye usage in pigs’ diets

Numerous trials that were held proved high efficiency of rye usage for animal feeds. Those trials were initiated by DLG (German Agricultural society) together with KWS which is a famous seeds company.

Rye shows excellent results as the compound of dry and liquid feeds. The researches of the efficiency of rye usage as a compound of dry feeds were conducted on 150 pigs at the age of 55 days. They were divided into 6 groups with 25 pigs each. Half of the group was fed a diet based on rye. And the other half was fed a diet based on barley. At the beginning of the trial the average weight of the piglets from the group «Rye» was 17.5 kg, the average weight of those from group «Barley» was 16, 75. The part of rye was increased gradually beginning from 10% at the initial stage to 25% at the intermediate stage and up to 50% at the final stage. After 110 days of fattening 72 pigs (3 died) from the group «Rye» were sent for slaughtering with the average weight 107.36 kg,; and 71 pig(4 died) from the group «Barley » were sent for slaughtering with the average weight 103.32 kg. Those trials prove the value of rye as an energy compound of pigs diets.

Rye can be an effective alternative to such grain compounds as wheat and barley, as it equals by its nutritional value to them, has a batter conversion ratio, has a positive influence on the quality of carcasses.

— What are the nutrients content, composition of amino acids and nutritional value of barley, wheat and rye (according to the date of Lufa Nord-West)?

— How does rye influence the backfat and the content of the soft tissue?

— What are cases when feeding rye may lead to problems?

— What are the recommendations of DLG about the effective content of rye in the feeds for different age groups?

— Why is the hybrid rye becoming more and more popular and what can be the profitability of its growth in Ukraine?

You can read more in the magazine publication «Profitable Pig Production», № 2 (8), April, 2012

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