Vira-1, Ltd is one of the “seven pillars” the agricultural holding “Pan Kurchak” is leaned on

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Agro industrial group «Pan Kurchak» has been successfully developing for more than 10 years on the west of Ukraine. But for the poultry farms the enterprise also owns crop production enterprises, animal farms, and processing enterprises. Agro industrial group «Pan Kurchak» is the biggest employer of Volyn region; 1400 employees work on it. Pig Production is one of most important direction of agricultural holding development; Vira-1 is responsible for it.

Pavlo Hryhorovych Sinchenko is the Chairman of the Management Board of Vira-1 ltd, he unlocks secrets of the success of the enterprise.

Vira-1 has been working on Ukrainian market for 7 yeas. What are the main achievements of the enterprise?

— From one year to the next the enterprise proves to be the producer of high quality pork. Today we control 5.6% of the regional market. A pig farm which includes all stages of production is situated in Radoshyn village. It includes 9 buildings, its own laboratory of artificial insemination and a boar stud. Multiplication farm with 1300 sows and fattening farm with 8000 pig are situated in Radoshyn. Every day 520-560piglets weighting 28 kg are transported to the fattening farm. On the 2nd of May 2010 the enterprise received the status of breeding farm in rearing pig of Large White breed. The first pigs of JSR genetics, which is the basis of THE multiplication farm, were brought from England in 2006.

What are the main secrets of success of Vira-1?

— The main secrets of success of Vira-1 are in people and technologies.

After the collapse of USSR the branch of pig production in its traditional form was completely destroyed. While soviet economy was in the period of stagnation, the pig production and dairy production were rapidly developing on the west. That’s way we made a decision to use western technologies of pig production on our enterprise under the guidance of the animal technician from Great Britain. Today the qualifications of our specialists are not worse than of the British ones. But we don’t stop on what we reached; we keep investing in the professional development of our staff.

Besides, the fact that our enterprise is a part of agro industrial group is another success factor. Thus it is not a typical agricultural holding as all members are legal parties. Together with «Vira-1» 7 enterprises are the members of agro industrial group.

Success which is leaned on seven pillars?

— Exactly. PE «Western Agrarian Company» is the leading enterprise of the group; it grows grain and technical crops. 5 thousand hectares of land are cultivated by the enterprise and the plans are to expand it up to 8 thousand hectares.

Agrotechnika, ltd produces feed stuff using crop harvested from its own fields and also using unmanufactured raw products. Agrotechnika, ltd also produces concentrates that know no equals in Ukraine. The enterprise owns two feed mills located in Lokachiv and Turiisk villages. The laboratory with modern equipment is the proudness of the feed mill located in Turiisk. The estimated capacity of Agrotechnika is 11 thousand tons. Nowadays the feed mills work at 70% of their capacity that is why Agrotechnika is searching for partners. .

— What was the beginning of the development of Agro industrial group?

— What managerial devises help Agro industrial group to maintain well-coordinated work?

— What is the peculiarity of outlets where the pork products are sold?

— What are the plans for the nearest future of Vira-1?

— What environmental projects are embodied at Pan Kurchak?

— What are the peculiarities of staff selection at Vira-1?

— What are the chances for success of the Ukrainian pig production?

You can read more in the magazine publication «Profitable Pig Production», № 2 (8), April, 2012

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