Prevention and treatment of anemia in piglets: a comparative study of ferric iron preparations

12.03.2021 11:19:00

Alimentary anemia in piglets is a common problem. In sick animals, the average daily gain deteriorates, they lag behind in development, and in severe cases - the death rate increases.

Alimentary anemia in animals was first described in 1891, observing newborn piglets. The reason was identified violations in the keeping and feeding of pigs. Only 30 years later, a link was established between anemia and iron deficiency in piglets treated with iron oxide feeding. And in order to prevent - ferrous sulfate. Subsequently, iron-containing drugs, which were presented mainly in forms for internal use, replaced drugs for injection, in particular on the basis of iron dextran.

ASF: what is the right way of pig farm disinfection?

The first step to preserve the pig production business from ASF is the complex disinfection of farm. It includes disinfection of:

Production units, stationary equipment; Units in the presence of animals by aerosol spraying method (preventive measures); Water supply systems and animal watering line; All «incoming materials»; Transport (for transportation of animals, feed, death loss etc.).

Danosha, LLC: perfectionist of native pig farming

28.04.2017 14:03:00

Remain firm during the uneasy changeable agricultural life of Ukraine is very difficult, but possible. Especially, if to be open, honest, always improving and stubborn in going to your goal. The example of company that uses these principles is Danosha, LLC, which is located in Ivano-Frankivsk region. About responsible agricultural production in combination with the latest technologies and plans for the future we interviewed the manager of pig production Kim Holmgaard.

USA again: management of manure and feeding pigs

Based on the number of articles that I wrote about my visits to the USA it seems to be the most popular direction for pig producers, who seek to adopt effective production practices now. This time I joined the study tour that was dedicated to the management of manure, organized by Zoetis Ukraine. Want to share with you the most interesting things that I heard.

Piglet diarrhea: explanation of the underlying causes

Diarrhea is one of the most common disorders of the gastrointestinal tract in piglets. Do not delay with its treatment. Very often because of the parasitic diseases and a decrease in the overall resistance of the organism diarrhea can be accompanied by infectious pathologies. The ability to accurately and timely identify the causes of diarrhea will help prevent negative consequences.

Investment in biosecurity is not a luxury but a necessity

«He that would eat the fruit must climb the tree» is a famous proverb which accurately characterizes the current state of the pig industry. Uneasy epizootic situation in the sector requires market players to take an important decision or to continue the work or to close their business. At the same time, staying in business means strengthening measures of biosecurity. According to the current scale of the spread of African swine fever (ASF) in Ukraine it’s very hard to believe in lucky final. Main question is how much biosecurity costs?

10 components of successful farrowing

Farrowing is a responsible process and the efficiency of production largely depends on it. Therefore, to ensure its success you need to be prepared well. Ten important tips will help you to do it.

How useful is pork?

Very often pork is accused of being harmful: they say, this meat is fatty and rich in cholesterol. Is it true?

Feeding technologies of sows in groups

20.02.2017 10:28:00

One of the technological solutions in pig breeding is the transfer of gestation sows to group housing. Despite the actualization of animal welfare issues, this technology is now common both in the US and Western Europe. How to arrange a corral for sows’ group keeping, what equipment is the most effective and what you need to pay attention to, not to reduce profitability — these and other questions were answered by Fritz Richardson, director of HOG SLAT International Sales (the largest producer of equipment for pig production in the US).

Practical tips for optimization of feeding and reduction of other production costs

Reducing the cost of feeding and production costs in general is a very complex process, which involves careful monitoring of a number of issues: forage production, formation of rations and technologies of feeding, herd management and health status of pigs. There are some simple but effective tips on this theme.

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